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What is this site about?

This site is dedicated to a very rare genre of game, but one that seems to have produced many favourites: 2D Flight Sims! But what are 2D Flight Sims? Well, my definition is side scrolling aircraft simulation.

Side scrolling

So no top-down views here - what is a flying game without gravity? Also, side scrolling usually means 2D graphics, but the same thing can be implemented in 3D - e.g. Triplane Turmoil 2 and the Wings of Fury remake. As long as the viewpoint is fixed as side-on. There is just an aesthetic I love about this perspective - reminiscent of almost all 8 & 16 big games.


I don't mean thousands of key combinations to learn, I just mean the very basics (at least) of realistic aircraft flight - be it limited fuel & ammo, or perhaps the ability to land & take off, or a tactical element to the game. Whatever, just no shoot 'em ups!

A valid 2D flight sim (Sky Strike on the Atari ST) No top down view games (Desert Strike on the Amiga) No shoot em ups (Luftrausers for PC, Mac + others)


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