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This site is dedicated to a very rare genre of game, but one that seems to have produced many favourites - the 2D Flight Sim. Think Sopwith or Triplane Turmoil for PCs, or Wings of Fury for the Amiga. really any game featuring 2D flying, and a step above a simple shoot-em-up in terms of simulation.

Here you will find a listing as complete as I can make it of all 2D Flight Sims that I've found, from all periods of home computing, and for all platforms. I'll add reviews as and when I can, and also link you up with downloads where possible.

At this point, you might just want to skip straight to the:

full list of games.

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08 July 2011 - New games & a review

Wow well that was a long time between site updates - I've been spending all my time developing the new game, and not enough time giving this site the TLC it deserves. The good new is I've just added lots to this site, and I've got more to add very soon.

Whats new?

Ok, straight to business? I've added 13 new games, bringing the total to 52 - thats one for every week of the year! Thats should keep you busy for a while.

I've also added a review for Dogfight - Battle In The Skies - a fast & furious game featuring planes from all eras. Check it out!

Aside from new content, I've also done some housekeeping on the site - I've added sorting & filtering to the game list, and fixed a few bugs with the rss feed.

Whats next?

I have a few new games to add, the majority of them from Finland! It makes me wonder how many other 2D flight sims are unheard of outside their home regions, due to language barriers. I'll be adding these games soon, along with a few more reviews, so subscribe to the RSS feed to find out when I do!

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