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The Games

Sopwith DOS PublishedN/A8
Sopwith 2 DOS PublishedN/A9
Sopwith 3 DOS N/AN/AN/A
Sopwith IV DOS N/AN/AN/A
Sopwith XNA Windows Freeware2007N/A
Red Baron DOS N/AN/AN/A
Sky Strike+ Atari ST Published19909
Jet Strike AmigaDOS Published1994N/A
Yomo Atari ST N/AN/AN/A
Wings of Fury AmigaC64DOS PublishedN/AN/A
Wings of Fury 2 Windows N/AN/AN/A
Wings of Fury Flash N/AN/AN/A
Angels 20 Windows N/AN/AN/A
Angels 22 Windows N/AN/AN/A
Angels 2X Windows N/AN/AN/A
Armor Alley DOS PublishedN/AN/A
Rescue Raiders Apple PublishedN/AN/A
Harrier Attack SpectrumCPC464C64 Published19857
Dogfight - The Great War N/AN/AN/A
Triplane Turmoil DOS N/A19967
Triplane Turmoil 2 Shareware2006N/A
Death From Above FreewareN/AN/A
Dogfight - Battle in the skies Windows Freeware20058
Plane Game Windows IncompleteN/AN/A
Airstrike Windows N/AN/AN/A
Airstrike Linux N/AN/AN/A
Manfred vin Krashenburn's Flying Circus DOS PublishedN/AN/A
Helicopter game CPC464 IncompleteN/AN/A
Dogfight 2008 Windows IncompleteN/AN/A
Viper Atari ST IncompleteN/AN/A
Flyer 2D IncompleteN/AN/A
Dawgfight DOS Published1992N/A
Harrier Attack Windows Freeware2002N/A
Harrier: The Second Sortie Java Incomplete2009N/A
Dogfight Atari ST Public Domain1990N/A
Dogfight Atari ST Public Domain1993N/A
Air 2 Air Combat Atari ST Public Domain1992N/A
Wings of Fury Windows Freeware2003N/A
Dogfight Amiga Public Domain1990N/A
Blazin' Aces Windows Demo2011N/A
Sopwith (Angry Octopus Remake) Java Incomplete2008N/A
Super Army Wars Nintendo GBA Released2005N/A
Glory Days 2 Nintendo DS Released2007N/A
Falcon Patrol C64 Released1983N/A
Falcon Patrol II C64 Released1984N/A
Skyhawk Vic 20 Released1983N/A
Patrol Falcon Windows Released?N/A
Triplane 3D Windows Freeware2004N/A
Taso DOS Shareware1997N/A
Goplanes! DOS Freeware1997N/A
Goplanes II Windows Incomplete2010N/A