This site is intended as a stroll down memory lane, I doubt it will ever be more useful than that. In fact, the only people I imagine will enjoy it will be either die-hard Atari ST fans, or maybe would have once been hobby (games) programmers (with any 8 or 16 bit machine) themselves. If you are still reading - I hope you enjoy this, my archive of games & programs I wrote in STOS Basic, on my Atari ST.

I mainly focused on multiplayer games, as I've always found them to be much more enjoyable, also reading a second joystick input is sooo much easier than writing complex AI :)

Unfortunately I only ever finished one game, Light Cycles - a fairly simple game at that. I had big hopes for finishing other projects, but (like a lot of other projects in my life it seems) that just never happened. Oh well, the fun was in making these games, not finishing them!

Whats I find funny is the logos I use in my software - a vain attempt at making things look more professional, and establish a 'brand'. I think I started with Legend software, and later used Elysium. I suspect the only reason I did this was to waste time drawing fancy logos in my favorite paint program, Canvas.

Ok, time to look at the games